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Shine Designs specializes in the creation and customization of leather and horse hair or resin jewelry to commemorate their beloved. Each order is hand-crafted to the specifications of the customer, and significant time is put into the details, braids or resin, and quality of each item.

You are welcome to send in your own horse's hair, or you may use hair from our collection. All hair that is sent in will be returned with the finished product unless otherwise specified. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your item, you may return the item within 7 days of delivery. All items are warrantied against defects, and repairs can be made available if necessary.

Please check out our various collections below. Don't forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram for the items we're currently creating!

Click on the "View More" button to view our leather horse hair bracelet collection. We offer two different closure options- snap or buckle. Each bracelet will be made to the customers specifications.

Horseshoe Heart Key-Chain

Custom horse hair key-chains are the prefect choice for those who do not like wearing jewelry, yet still want a keepsake of their beloved. We offer different key-chain shapes, but are not limited to the ones you see in our collection. 

Our resin collection features anything special to you (hair or ashes) encased in resin and set in leather. We have many different resin molds, so we are not limited to what you see in the collection. 

Wallets are carried everywhere with us. Why not have one that stands out  and is completely customized in the process? Click on the "View More" button to see a few examples of the wallets I've created to give you an idea of what can be done. 

Not everything we create can be lumped into rings, key-chains or bracelets. This collection features a few of our items we've created involving leather and horse hair. This does not mean we can only create these items! Click the "View More" button to see what we've done!

Horse hair rings are the perfect choice for those who have small amounts of horse hair saved. Our rings are sized and intricately made with the horse hair seamlessly sewn into the ring. Our leather and horse hair ring collection currently features uniform width around the whole ring. Stay tuned, as we have some different designs coming soon!

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