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This particular wallet is a clutch wallet that does not fully open. It features 2 cash pockets, a zipped coin pouch, 12 card holder slots, and 2 more spaces that coult fit items such as your phone, checkbook, or small amounts of make-up. The outside front features hair in resin in between 2 paw prints that are his actual paw print. The back corner features a hand painted picture of the dog.


Wallets are completely designed by you, the customer. No two will be the same. All featured are here to give you examples of what has been finished. For any wallet, you choose the type you'd like (long, bi-fold, tri-fold, clutch). You choose the color of the leather, the stitching color, the number of credit card pockets you'd like etc. Everything is hand cut and hand dyed. I do not buy premade inserts to place in the wallets. The prices also vary depending on the amount of work that will be involved. 


Wallets can feature horsehair or resin. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Keep Keep Wallet

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