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This bracelet measures 5/8 in wide and is dyed in our Antique Brown Dye. It can be made to a buckle closure or snap closure. It features our heart braid, in two sections, on the side of the wrist with the center design being our Turquoise and Copper Sunburst Spots. We truly love this bracelet and is one of our most popular bracelet designs as it has a very Western-Rustic look to it. Of course with all of our bracelets, these are mere examples, ideas, and possibilities of what we can create for you. If you have a specific design or idea in mind, please don't hesitate to ask!


When deciding on bracelet size, please be sure to measure your wrist and order accordingly. To measure a bracelet length, take a flexible item, such as string, wrap it around your wrist to a desired fit. Then, mark the string, take it off of your wrist, and measure the length.

Ole Western

Leather Color
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