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This bracelet was cut to 5/8 inch wide and was dyed in our Fudge Brown Dye. It features our popular heart braid which has the hair from 4 different horses in it! Don't think you have to order a different item for each horse you have (although you're more than welcome to do that). We can construct braids containing up to 16 different horses into one! Likewise, this braid can also easily be made using hair from a single horse as well.

As always, these are examples of what we've made, all items are hand made per customer's requests.


When deciding on bracelet size, please be sure to measure your wrist and order accordingly. To measure a bracelet length, take a flexible item, such as string, wrap it around your wrist to a desired fit. Then, mark the string, take it off of your wrist, and measure the length.

Lone Star Bracelet

Leather Color
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