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This particular wallet is a card holder wallet. It features 1 hidden pocket, and 3 card holder slots. The outside features a tooled horse- themed design, we don't always put resin or horsehair onto items. This is a perfect choice for someone who doesn't like big or bulk.  


Wallets are completely designed by you, the customer. No two will be the same. All featured are here to give you examples of what has been finished. For any wallet, you choose the type you'd like (long, bi-fold, tri-fold, clutch, card holder etc). You choose the color of the leather, the stitching color, the number of credit card pockets you'd like etc. Everything is hand cut and hand dyed. I do not buy premade inserts to place in the wallets. 


Wallets can feature horsehair or resin. Please contact me to discuss your ideas. 

Card Holder Wallet

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